(Class-10) Notes + extra study materials.

No need to read any side books other than notes as it contains all important points from almost all side books which are necessary for CBSE board examination.
But as reading actives the brain and a good habit. so read NCERT carefully. We provide notes to save your money from those who sell notes and your time from reading irrelevant things as your time is too important. 
Best of luck for your exams.


It contains handwritten notes, flow chart(short notes) of every ch, NCERT solution.

Social Studies

It contains handwritten notes,2 page short notes(flow chart) of every ch.


Notes contain NCERT solution+ hindi explanation of every sanskrit line of Ncert book seperately(not in paragraphs) , 
grammar notes, sanskrit grammar book, sanskrit practice book(Official NCERT book)

English Grammar (CBSE)

It contains english grammar handwritten notes of class-10 .animated notes will be availabe soon.

PTJMSVM Pre-board questions (2020-21)

It contains ptjmsvm pre-board questions of all subjects to help students of that school to prepare for pre-boards. 
(more test questions will be added soon)