(Class-10): Social Science Notes

History Notes

Handwritten notes of ecah chapter in detailed and shortcut way both for exam purpose.

You don't need any book after reading these notes( not even NCERT).

Civics Notes

Notes are written in points and systematic way which provide a crystal clear concepts to the students.

Economics notes

All chapters notes is written in one pdf but its in systematic way. 
You don't need any side books other than ncert after reading these notes.

Geography Notes

It has handwritten notes of all chapters seperately in a detailed and systematic order that helps reader to clear the concepts.

Best notes of Ncert book that can be.

Map work

It contain maps of geography & history (according to CBSE) of class-10.

Short notes(Flow chart)

These low charts are of only 2 pages and cover the whole chapter without missing any point. These helps students to revise faster in the final hour. It has flow chart of history, civics, economics & geography seperately. Download according to your need and convenience.