(Class-10) Sanskrit

Sanskrit Chapter Notes + Ex. solution

These notes contain hindi translation of every line of sanskrit NCERT BOOK (Shemushi-2) seperately,not in the paragraph like helpbooks.
It has also the exercise solution of all chapters.
Download the chapters or read online without downloading.

Sanskrit grammar book

It is the official grammar book of Ncert. All chapters are seperately made into pdf so that you download only the chapters you want to study.You can study online also without downloading.

Sanskrit Grammar Notes

These notes are of grammar portion.These are handwritten notes. These notes are made in the way to provide the student a great concept of grammar in the easiest way. It has all grammar portion that a class-10 student has to study. It is also useful for other junior classes also.

(अभ्यासवान् भव )

It is sanskrit official NCERT practice book. It is arranged here in well organised manner and seperately chapter-wise. You can read these online also without downloading and can also read it offline by downoading.